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White Bean + Kale Quinoa Bowl

I came up with this delicious broth bowl recipe as a quick lunch or light dinner instead of buying an overly salty, pricier version out at a restaurant. Don't let the long list of ingredients scare you. The recipe is really just broth, kale, quinoa, beans and oil. The...

Ayurveda 101: A Path to Optimal Health

Just as yoga has become popular and familiar in the United States, if you haven't already, you will begin to hear more and more about Ayurveda. Pronounced Ah-Ur-Vey-da, this ancient 5,000+ year old healing tradition developed in India is both a healing science and way...

Cooking with the Washington Youth Garden

I’m sure the parents of the 3rd and 4th graders from two D.C. area public charter schools would be amazed by their children’s enjoyment of asparagus and cherry tomatoes, sautéed spinach, and fresh mint tea. Being that I only started enjoying asparagus last year, I was...

Chickpea Stew Over Basmati Rice

After seven months of weekend-long intensives, weekly classes, teaching practicums, readings, personal practice and study; the nine ladies of the Shakti Mind Body Studio 2009 - 2010 yoga teacher training class have been initiated into the transformative practice of...

Easy Grilled Asparagus Ready in Minutes

With a ridiculously tight schedule over the past month, I must admit, I’ve cooked very little, and I’ve been reminded of the great challenge so many of us face to cook fresh, tasty and nourishing meals for ourselves and our families with the spare, precious time we...


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